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Education Programs: High School, GED & Post-Secondary Education

Congrats to the recent High School graduates, those that passed  their GED, and those that received their Associate Degree and transfers to 4-year universities.  To read more about the graduates, click on the links below.

High School Graduates
GED Graduates 
College Degree Recipients 

When you’re a homeless youth, you have bigger issues than how to get to high school every day. You can’t do your homework if you have no safe place to study. You can’t get to class on time if you haven’t slept or eaten. If you’re on the streets to escape chaos at home, you were probably behind academically even when you had a place to stay. You may suffer from learning disabilities and found high school to be a difficult, alienating experience. Everything, especially your education, is interrupted when you’re forced onto the streets. When you do finally come in from the cold – you’re going to have some catching up to do.

Kids who have been neglected or rejected by family haven’t had the benefit of educational role models. Consumed with surviving the pain of life on the streets, they are generally behind in school and have rarely considered higher education as an option. Larkin Street gives them back those lost opportunities and allows young people to finally fulfill their academic potential.

All at- risk youth participating in all Larkin Street programs have the opportunity to resume their education by working with a teacher on site to obtain class credits and work toward their high school diploma or GED (General Educational Development or high school equivalency degree). Homeless and at-risk youth also work with our educational services staff to reconnect to a local school that meets their needs. One-on-one tutoring is also available to our youth to overcome any academic hurdles they may encounter.

Our Hire Up GED program also combines small group and individual instruction to help prepare homeless youth for the five-part GED test. Classes and drop-in tutoring are available each weekday during both daytime and evening hours. To help overcome anxiety about the GED test, our instructors facilitate a weekly fieldtrip to the local GED testing site to make youth more comfortable with the process.

For our older youth, we recognize that post-secondary education is crucial to serious career development and realizing their dreams for a rewarding, productive adulthood. Therefore, our educational services at Larkin Street include College Success, an educational program that demystifies the college application process and helps youth realize their post-secondary education aspirations.

Through College Success, the Larkin Street youth who express interest in post-secondary school are given academic counseling and help finding a college of their choice. Our educational counselors are experts in the specific multi-faceted issues that our youth face, helping them to pursue financial aid applications and build a plan for their post-secondary success. College Success staff and volunteers take youth on tours of local college campuses. They assist youth with college applications and financial aid forms, and Larkin Street also offers several modest scholarships. These scholarships are an especially valuable service, providing debt-free financial aid options free of the red-tape many youth find so intimidating. College-bound youth also support each other through ongoing College Success Workshops, during which current students serve as mentors to those interested in pursuing post-secondary education.

More than 100 youth enroll in our on-site high school each year and Larkin Street helps approximately 100 youth enroll in post-secondary education through College Success each year.

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