Holloway House

Holloway House: Housing for Transition Aged Youth 18-24

The foster care system is designed to provide kids whose families cannot care for them with a safe, nurturing, and supportive home. Thousands of children benefit from this system each year in San Francisco. Unfortunately, as these kids approach their 18th birthday, the system fails far too many of them. Each year, hundreds of former foster youth emancipate from the system in California without the means to support themselves. Tragically, they land on the streets.

In 2003, Larkin Street launched our LEASE program, which provides subsidized housing in the community giving former foster youth a “practice run” at independence in their own apartments. Some former foster youth are not ready to make the leap to independent, community-based housing, however. Therefore, in 2007 Larkin Street launched Holloway House, where up to eight former foster youth live together and build the skills necessary for long-term independence.

Holloway House is not just another group home experience like those experienced by many foster youth while they were in the system. Like Larkin Street’s other transitional housing programs, Holloway House balances youth accountability with staff support. We want participants to have easy access to staff, yet we also want them to develop the skills required for long-term self-sufficiency.

Holloway House serves as an important stepping-stone for former foster youth who need that extra support toward achieving adult independence. It is one more option Larkin Street can offer to meet the diverse, complicated, and evolving needs of the youth we serve.

Annually, approximately 20 youth reside at Holloway House, providing over 2,500 nights off the street for former fosters youth.

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